Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Is This your First?....Is This your Last?

Ahhh, the question that seems to be coming up more and more often these days. The same two questions that seem to come back-to-back. I will walk into a store. Any store these days and people will ask me "Awwww, is this your first?" To which I happily reply, "No, this is my sixth." Then of course they will say things like, "Oh God, bless you." "How wonderful, I think big families are fantastic."

When we are walking around in the store, running errands, at the park, or wherever people will come over to Jason and I and ask point blank, "Are they all your?" And lets not forget my personal favorite, "Are you trying to catch up with the Duggers?" So I pretty much get the full circle of questions and comments. To which, like clockwork I am followed up with the next question. "Is this your last?"

I have answered many times the same way. Just assume I am pregnant until I tell you otherwise. This way, if we are blessed with another little one, then I don't look like I lied. And since I have been pregnant just about every year since 2002, then you really don't know me any differently.

Though Jason and I have discussed at length that we do indeed want at least one more little one. I think a nice round number is perfect. 6 kiddos all to love and snuggle. Watch grow and learn. However, we have decided to put this miracle on hold for at least five years. Our current living situation is just not even panning out for the 7 that will live here now. And adding one more to the mix would be really hard. Not impossible, as we can make room. But definitely hard. Jason wants to think about where his job will take him, where we will be living. Eventually schools for the kids.

My body will not know what hit me. I truly have never taken more then a year off. I am still wondering how I will handle it. I ask myself this question all the time, "Will I be okie if we are truly done?" I have been waiting and asking my friends who have said they are finished with having little ones. Wanting desperately to know what that feeling feels like. They each told me I would know. But will I? Really? So for now. This is what I can tell you. The life of 7 will be around for awhile. Interesting, busy and chaotic. And when we are ready to add number 6 to the mix, we will definitely let everyone know.

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