Sunday, August 1, 2010

The Pacie is No More

I am happily to report that day three of the "no pacies" has gone by with great success!!!!! He has done AMAZING. Despite a few hard times first thing in the morning, and a few little mini melt downs at night, he really has done better then both Jason and myself thought he would. I am really proud of him. We went through the entire house last night checking all the "hiding" spots that are his favorite just to make sure there aren't any "left overs" running around our home. I have purchased new pacies for the new little guy and made extra sure they weren't the same brand that Owen liked. I wouldn't want him to be tempted to take his, because lord knows, he would in a heartbeat the little turkey.

As of today, I am taking my big boy to Target later on to get him a TRUCK MOVIE. Who knows what one he will pick out, but since his love of trucks is so high on his list, I decided it would be the perfect little gift for him. We can't purchase little trucks right now, as we have over 60 of them still left for his "potty training".

And on that front, he is doing well. Still wish he could at least stay dry the entire day. That is all we really need for Nursery school. I am still hopeful though. We have a month to continue to work with him. So who knows. He might surprise us and get it just before the new school year begins!

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