Wednesday, August 18, 2010

House Pictures! Part I

A good friend of mine from College asked me if I would post some pictures of the inside of our home on our website. I decided why not. It's clean and presentable. Better then it has looked in a long time, what better time then now. So hear it goes. I will probably be doing three installments with all the pictures. Then do an update post so everything will be together back to back on the site. So enjoy my house. Especially for those who have never seen the remodel!!

Dining Room from Front Door (Our door is more like a side door as we do not have a true front door)

Dining room, part of kitchen bar looking from Front Door

Built in Office in Dining Room (far wall)

Fireplace in Dining room (Made this myself, favorite thing in my house!)

Picture taken from Built in Office looking at the rest of the dining room, part of the living room, part of the kitchen

Part of Living Room from Front Door

Living room from Dining room table

Living Room from Sliding Glass door. Leading to Backyard. You can see part of the dining room too

Inside Kitchen looking at Bar, Dining room and built in office

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