Wednesday, August 11, 2010

2 Weeks Left??

Yup folks. That's right. In just 14 days, little man will be making his grand entrance into this crazy family of 6!! My appointment with my Doctor yesterday went fantastically. There is a reason why I love her so much and was willing to do just about anything I had to, to make sure I saw her solely. Despite the fact that its a multi-practice and your suppose to see all the doctors at least once before delivery. I find this system annoying and less then practical. They don't seem to speak to each other at all about the patients that are currently in the office. They look over your chart the first 30 seconds before walking in the door. Saying "how do you feel?" "Any bleeding or swelling?" Then they listen to the baby's heartbeat. Your concerns or questions, and then shoo you off for another month of worry and wonder. It's enough to drive anyone INSANE!!

The only thing I have going for me that makes my appointments more annoying then helpful, is that I have gone through this several times. And having Anabelle has made me extra aware to the fact that sometimes, you the parent, know more then the actual doctors. Especially a MALE doctor. Don't get me wrong, I have had some very sweet and caring male doctors. But when it comes to pregnancy, its truly one thing that they just don't know first hand about. Despite delivery and complications, surgery and the unknown. They still don't get it.

So anyways. Side tracked a little. It was really great for me to talk to her about a few concerns I have had over the last couple of months. And seemingly not getting any real answers. Until she talked me through everything. So here it goes. Baby is doing great. I am truly, 100% all baby. Shocker I tell you. First for everything I guess! And this baby is going to be a BIG BABY! Again, another shocker. Probably even bigger then Miss. Ezme. Despite the fluid being low, he has plenty of room to move around and at this point, its not a concern. The next issue we were having is his hand has always been very close to his face. We didn't want to suddenly have my water break and a hand falls out. So she checked to see if I am dilated. And looked to make sure there was no hand to worry about. And thankfully, so far, there isn't. She said she was able to poke it away from his face. So that is a good thing. I am dilated only 1. Hrm. Thought I would be a bit more. Seeing how I was further along with Ezme at this time. Cervix is soft but nothing *REALLY* going on. At almost 37 weeks, she said things will start to pick up. One can only hope. The more dilated I am going into my induction, the faster and easier delivery is.

I am to stop all my medications on Friday and for the next two weeks, just do whatever I need to do to stay cool, happy, and stress free. Ha! I will have my last ultrasound to determine if the fluid levels are even lower. If they are and are at a level of concern, they will take me early. If not, I will wait for her to return from her vacation and have my induction on 39 weeks to the day.

So, I have two weeks left before baby arrives. This weekend will be dedicated to finishing up all major projects and cleaning around the house. Lots to do before Ezme's birthday. I am hoping we can have nice weather that will let us do this. I really am kind of tired of cleaning, painting, organizing.

The following weekend *I* really am hoping to get the family away for an overnight. Though not sure where yet. Just something we can do together before the hustle and bustle of baby, school, soccer, girl scouts, etc. starts up. I always enjoy these special times we have together. And lately, we haven't had much time to do anything. Life just keeps us to busy!!

So for now, I am working on gaining my energy back to finish those last few *To Do's*. Relaxing when I can, and sleeping when....well.....whenever that happens. Still can't believe its only 2 more weeks. This time around went by way to fast.

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