Saturday, August 28, 2010

D-Day Tomorrow and Soccer

We spend the entire day with Soccer practice for both Olivia and Emma-James. They seemed to have an okie time. Olivia isn't much of a "runner" and seems to dislike this sport very much, but when I ask her if she would like to step down from the team, she keeps telling me she is having fun and loves it. So I guess we will just have to wait and see. Emma-James on the other hand was a scared little girl and just couldn't seem to focus enough on participating. So we are hoping the next session will give her more confidence to try it out. Plus the distraction of having her cousin, aunt and nana here wont be around. I really think she will love this time with friends her own age. I guess its just a matter of giving her the space she needs to get to know everyone. Here is a few pictures my sister took of the fun afternoon at the Soccer field.

Olivia Running after her ball (She looks so sporty here)

Soccer is hard work. Break-Time

Owen posing for a picture

Ezme trying hard to enjoy grass time. She hates it

Emma-James hanging out in the grass

Tyson, Owen and Emma-James playing ring-around-the-rosie

The Gang enjoying a little snack at Wrights Farm. Owen, Olivia, Emma-James, and Ezme

Tomorrow is D-Day for sure. So if you think of it. Say a quick prayer that everything from the needle stick to the epidural to delivery and recovery will go 100% terrific. I am pretty scared and nervous right now. Though looking at me you would think I am an old pro.

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