Friday, August 20, 2010


Really, is there anything better to sum up how I am feeling then the word BLAH! Jason spend the morning working and trying hard to get into the office. Did I want him to go? Absolutely NOT! Four kiddos, and a mommy who just isn't feeling so good = nothing good can come out of this. Surprisingly though, they really were good this afternoon. Olivia did her homework without to much fuss. Even writing her President report over about a dozen times just so it looked perfect. She skimmed her book for tonight for her reading group and helped me pick up around the house. The little kiddos even helped too. Sure I had to bribe them with an ice cream cone, but hey, a momma's gotta do, what a momma's gotta do. And this momma does *NOT* want to be bending down picking up.

It's now after 7pm. I have 3 kiddos asleep. Jason happily took Olivia to her reading group. Hopefully they will remember to run out after to pick up her socks and her shin guards for her first soccer practice tomorrow as well as Emma-James' stuff too.

I am looking at the small mess, and really, when I say small, its really just a sweep, wipe down dining room table from supper and maybe a quick wash with the mop kind of mess. But blah. I just am so tired, hot, and miserable to really even attempt. So I am thinking, maybe I will just wait until the sun has left this side of the house. And clean up in a little while. Its not like the mess is going to go anywhere. As long as its done before our busy selves leave the house in the A.M. I am good. Until then. Resting on the couch. Sounds good to me don't ya think.

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