Monday, August 16, 2010

Home-Schooling Day 1

For the first time in the last 2 years it has gone FANTASTICALLY!! Olivia did all of her work and was very interested in what we were learning. She wrote all the things she needed (the biggest fight of school for us. WRITING. She hates it. Much like her daddy.) We talked about the first President of the United States. Olivia made her first "GOOGLE" on George Washington and was very excited to learn more about her "FAVORITE" President. We are going to be spending the next couple of months learning about each one, writing up a little bit about them, and making a book that we can hopefully have specially bounded for her. I am really excited, but not nearly as much as she is. Right now, she is off finding notebooks for her writings. Let's just hope this excitement sticks. I know that we will be doing a lot of "book writing and illustrating" this year. Plus she will be working on her book worm "Charlotte" throughout the year as well. For every book she reads, we will be doing a small book report and putting it up as a "body part" for her caterpillar. We are really excited to see how many books she can read from now until Christmas. Guessing on her love of reading, I think not only am I in trouble, but the lack of space on my walls are too!!

We have also discussed the prospects of Olivia writing her own blog about her journey this year in home-schooling. I think this will give her more of an opportunity to write about what she is learning. Plus practice her writing and spelling skills. I told her if she really worked hard, we would talk about starting up something in Sept. So we will wait and see. I really am hoping this year will be the "YEAR" for her to really love school and find that its not all boring work. As long as we can pass the hurdle of "I hate writing" I think we have it made. Ahh, I love it when the day goes well!

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  1. When you get to write in lots of different ways about lots of different stuff for lots of different reasons the joy starts to come.

    Glad things are off to a good start. Let me know if you are interested in doing some sort of "Flat Olivia" project, like Flat Stanley...that could involve some writing and I would be more than willing to give "Flat Olivia" a tour of Kansas City and possible Russia.