Monday, August 23, 2010

NST and Update

Had an Appointment with my Doctor this morning. Because of my high blood pressure last week, they didn't want me waiting until the end of this week to see her. So off I went.

I had my NST done this morning. Passed with flying colors in a matter of 8 minutes. I think the world's record as far as NST's go for me. So I was happy.

My Doctor god love her. Was super upset that the Doctor I had seen last Thursday didn't take me that very day. With my blood pressure as high as it was, and with no signs that afternoon of going down, there was no need to make me feel sick and miserable all weekend. She felt horrible. And if you saw me, then you know I wasn't feeling that great either. Thankfully by Sunday I was feeling well enough to go over with the kiddos to a birthday party across the street. But made sure I just stayed sitting on the couch. I didn't want to make things worse.

My blood pressure was better, 138/84. Still not great, but at least it went down a few points. So right now, the plan is this. Doctors Appt. again on Thursday morning with an NST. Then cervical check. Possibly strip my membranes and then talk about my induction for Friday morning. Now with the blood pressure and how I am feeling creeping up, there is no waiting an extra week or two. Thank god.

I am continuing to stay "quiet" as I can. Doing things around the house like laundry and sweeping and vacuuming. But at a slow pace. I try to take a little break in between the work. Hard to believe baby will be here by the end of the week. So strange I tell you.

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