Friday, August 27, 2010

D-Day. Or Not :-(

Ugh. Just received the phone call from my doctor. Today is not the day. Really bumming. Had everything planned for the weekend for me to have him this afternoon and go home Sunday. Looks like plans have now changed. I guess we are going to spend the rest of the day shopping and running errands. Jason has offered to stay with the little ones while I take my family out shopping at the Christmas Tree Shoppe and the mall for a little playground action.

I guess its not too bad. She said that I would be the first on the Induction schedule for Sunday morning. So that is good. I just hope I can actually prepare myself a little more then I am now. Mentally I am a wreck. Physically all the things I wanted done are. The painting of course is still there. But the house is clean, diaper bag packed, laundry caught up and put away. So I am good. Tomorrow we are going to spend it by taking the girls to soccer practice and maybe head to Wright's Farm for a few things. Love that place for sure!!

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