Sunday, August 8, 2010

11 Months Old!!

My baby is now 11 months old. In one short month we will be gathering around to celebrate her first birthday!! Add to that, the baptism of both her and her new little brother who could arrive at any moment.

Ezme is truly a sweet little girl with the best personality I have ever seen. She is shy and timid at times. Especially when she meets new people or is in new surroundings. But when she is familiar with her surrounds, WATCH OUT she will let you know she is around with her talk, talk, talk or loud squeals and screams. She really is amazing to watch her mind go. Its almost like she understands the world around her, but has yet to express her feelings on what she has learned through words.
Her favorite game right now is the "UP/DOWN" game. She will hold my hands and when I say up, she will stand up, and when I say down, she will sit down. She can play this for at least a good hour.

Here are a few other fun things Ezme is doing these days:

* Still is very much in love with her Blanket. So much so, she will find ways to retrieve this from her crib any way she can.
* Loves food, especially food she can feed herself. Which these days are EVERYTHING!! She has no favorites. And does no dislike anything right now. Though she is allergic to anything green. Peas, green beans. And of course they are her favorite.
* Loves to point to things and say "That" Which I am determining is her way of asking "What's that" or "I want that"
* Say's mama and dada when she wants our attention. Says "cat" when referring to Grace only. Never acknowledges Boo for some reason.
* Is sitting at the big girl table with the family now in the booster seat. The highchair will soon be passed down to baby brother.
* Has blond, blond, blond hair and blue eyes. WHERE DID THIS COME FROM???
* Is very much a deep thinker. Will really look at objects in a different way and study them.
* Loves music! Any kind will do.
* Starting to walk with push cart. Walking is only days away. She just needs courage to do so.

I hope to have some pictures of Ezme up soon. I haven't had much of a moment these days to take any. Plus, Jason's camera is so big and bulky. I really hate getting it out to use it.

Sporting her fun new Do!

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