Wednesday, August 18, 2010

This Girl Amazes Me

At seven years old, this girl truly, truly amazes both Jason and I. Olivia is *SMART*!! I don't just say this because she is my daughter, I say this because its 100% true. This girl has taught herself to read with very little help from myself or Jason. She has taught herself Math and even this summer taught herself multiplication for fun. When it comes to anything, she really grasps it pretty easily. The struggle we have is just actually doing the work.

I am so amazed. I think we both were. And a little jealous too. If only I could have had things come so easily when I was growing up. I think school would have been much more pleasurable experience for me.

She truly is gift that both Jason and I have learned from over the years. Patience is sometimes hard, but the more we find what works best with Olivia, the more we find just how smart she is. I am even more impressed with how much she has grown and changed in the last year. With her spunky personality, it sometimes can be hard to "get to know her" on a personal level. We have really worked hard on this and it has paid in many ways. We continue to help her grow and learn as we want her to be a strong woman someday and continue to keep her roll as "LEADER". She is fantastic at this and why break it from her.

I think what made her true abilities shine is finding that she was able to read two chapter books, "FLAT STANLEY" and "Kristen Saves the Day, American Girl" both in an less then an hour. And what is even more amazing, is she was able to tell us not only about the story, the characters, the main aspect, but what page number certain things were on and even if I had forgotten something "important" she would show me where it was. She clearly will finish her "Flat Stanley" series well before the week is up. Finding her in her bed reading books with a flashlight at 3am will do that. We are going to continue with our plans of "FLAT OLIVIA" but make up our own lessons. I might not say this enough, but I am super proud of this girl. She truly is going to go places someday. I just hope she takes me with her!! I love a good adventure.

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