Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Trip to the Aquarium Boston

I wanted to do something fun with my family before they leave in the morning. So Jason and I decided to head to the Boston Aquarium since my mom has never been. Despite living in Boston for more then 6 years. I thought it would also be fun for my nephew since the last time he went was when Owen was a baby. So I am sure he doesn't remember much. Here is a few photos of the day's adventures. It was really fun to get out and enjoy the day too. All the kiddos were fantastic and I felt great.
Owen tried so hard to get this little guy to come off the bench so he could bring him home. He just loves "babies"

Oliver enjoying the time in the stroller. He is so adorable!!

Close up of the handsome little man

Ezme decided to sleep for a bit. Looking at Fish is exhausting work.

Ezme feeding a bottle to Owen. So cute.

Olivia, Emma-James and Owen

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