Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Oliver is 1 Month Old

Gosh, it seems weird to be posting on 1 month already. Time just flew by. So much has happened in just one month, its easy to look back and see the changes that have happened in our family. Oliver being born, Olivia attending school, Ezme turning One. Those are just to name a few!

Here are all the wonderful things that Oliver is able to do at 1 month old or just about to do. I included some things that we have noticed about him to as far as his features go. Enjoy!

* Eating 5-7 ounce of formula every 4 hours
* Sleeps through the night from 8pm or 10pm until 8am (mommy finally wakes him)
* Moves to the sound of voices by turning his head side-to-side
* Bats at toys hanging in front of him
** Starting to roll from back to tummy
* Smiles and laughs at mommy (remember, he came out smiling!!)
* Has blue eyes
* Has big dimples like his big brother Owen and Mommy!
* Has a very dark complication. Ahhh, that Mediterranean Olive skin! So Jealous
* Is starting to be more alert
* Still LOVES to sleep
* Holds his head up when being held
* Loves taking baths, even if the water is a little cold
* Loves tummy time and usually ends up falling asleep

At his 1 month well baby check-up these were his Stats:

Weight: 9lbs 9oz
Height 21 inches

So in one month he not only gained his birth weight back, but also gained 14 ounces and grew an inch! He is still very tall and lanky. No belly to him at all. I know that the next month is only going to fly by. For now though, time to feed the little man. Stay tuned for pictures!

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