Monday, September 27, 2010

Decisions on School

After a much needed reflection of the weekend, and a good talk with another fellow person whom has her kids in the school system here in Johnston. It made me feel a lot better knowing that my feelings were valid and other people feel the same way I do as far as the public school system goes. Basically, I have heard repeatedly, "As long as your on top of your kids learning, they will do well." WELL?? What happens to those parents who don't have the luxury or the ability to help their kids further their education at home. In a nut shell, they fall through the cracks.

I have been feeling really guilty the last few days about my "regrets" as far as Olivia attending public school. I have listened to everyone's comments and am glad I have such great friends.

However, I hate it even more now knowing that Olivia is going to be stuck in the 2nd grade, doing work that she has done for more then 2 years and will be the cause of some issues because of her boredom. Is that her fault?? Absolutely not! I knew this was a possibility, but honestly, I had high hopes. Clearly I was mistaken. The schools here are less then stellar. Regardless of if they are just beginning classes, kids who are talented and have the ability to do work far more advanced then their peers should have the opportunity to learn this way. I have tried to get her tested, in a 3rd grade classroom, everything. Sadly, I am not getting much help and a constant run around from everyone. Last resort, my pediatrician and even then the most she can do is test for IQ and that wont give us a good answer as what grade is most appropriate.

So for now, I am definitely supplementing her schooling with stuff at home. Math, Reading, writing. She will continue as planned with her "FLAT OLIVIA" project and her Presidents and States. It's clear to me that school for Olivia will be more of a "Social" factor and not a learning factor. We have firmly decided that this will be the only year Olivia will attend school. If they are unwilling to allow her to jump the grade now, then next year will be no different. Yes I feel bad, she loves seeing her friends and hanging out with them, but she can continue to do that in other forms as she did before. Tough decision as a parent, but in the long run, I want my daughter who is bright, smart and funny to stay that way. No one said being a parent would ever be easy. But sometimes I think its way more doable then being 16 again!!

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