Sunday, September 12, 2010

Oliver is 2 Weeks Old

Why does pregnancy have to be so slow? But when your little one finally arrives it just zooms by? Two weeks have just flown by in our house. And sadly, we haven't really stopped to admire life as a family of 7. We are crazy busy these days. But despite our busy lives, we are truly in awe at how handsome and wonderful Oliver is. He has made my heart so full I can't even explain. Never, and I mean never in a million years did I think we would be blessed with all these wonderful kiddos. Many moons ago, when Jason and I first met, he would talk about children. Though he wanted to wait until he was well into his 30's before starting a family.

When we were blessed with an unexpected gift, this being Olivia. I think his love of kids and his spark for a "large family" only grew. I cannot begin to tell you how lucky I am. To have a husband and father who is so dotting, loving, caring toward his children and their everyday care. Besides my own dad, I have never really seen any father involved with their kiddos everyday lives like he is. I am a proud wife to say that he is all mine!!

Now that we have Oliver, he is an old pro at being a dad. From changing diapers, to feeding and even the occasional accident, he does it all with style and grace.

Oliver is really a great baby though. Still feeding ever 4 hours and even sleeping through the night. He is missing his 4am feeding and sometimes even his midnight feeding. But I try to limit his missed feedings to only one, as he is still a little jaundice and he needs the extra calories. My little tall bean poll needs to get some fat onto him!!

Here are a few pictures I managed to snap the other day of him. Isn't he handsome!!

Sleepy Baby Oliver

Mommy please, I am too tired for pictures

Welcoming our new little man!

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