Sunday, September 19, 2010

3 weeks old

Oliver is 3 weeks old today! I feel so blessed everyday looking at him and realizing that I am a such a lucky mom to some pretty amazing little kiddos. Oliver is no exception. He is already sleeping through the night. Usually going to bed around 8pm and sleeping until 8am sometimes even 9am. If only his big brother Owen would realize that sleeping in is sometimes a good thing. He loves to get up at 7am and scream at the top of his lungs from his bedroom door "I AM UP" Funny man.

Today was a pretty low key day. I managed to clean the front yard today and do a few things inside. Laundry, tiding up the kids room, vacuuming. I even worked on some much needed girl scout stuff. Jason had to run to the office and do a few shopping errands so he took the "three amigos" out while I stayed home with the "twins".

They were being so cute together too, Ezme is really taking a liking to her baby brother. Trying hard to be "gentle" with him. Even repeating the word as she pets him on his head. Right now she is heavily into feeding him. Any bottle will do. So we have to be very careful that she isn't feeding him any of her milk.

She also seems to enjoy swapping pacies back and forth from him to her. A.K.A stealing his pacie for herself. Though she is getting better at this too. She is still a baby herself and doesn't completely understand why he has the same things she does. Even though we ditched the bottle with Ezme at around 5 months old she is finding that she has missed this long lost friend and tends to try to steal his. It still amazes me that in just a few short years (and trust me, they are short) they both will be heading off to kindergarten together. I have never cried when this milestone has happened, but expect the flood gates to open when they are gone. Watching one baby grow up is hard, watching two at the same time its enough to make any momma go through a box of tissues.

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