Thursday, September 9, 2010

Oliver's Doctors Appointment

Oliver had a follow-up doctors appointment today just to make sure that he wasn't getting worse with the jaundice. He did fantastically. Looks like he is getting a good amount of "mommy" milk. And if you know of my past struggles with my milk coming in, then you know that this is a HUGE accomplishment for me. I did well with Ezme, but dried up faster then I wanted too. So I am hoping to extend my nursing abilities longer this time around. He is doing so well, why mess with a good thing.

On other news, he only gained about 5 oz. in a weeks time. We would have liked to see him be back up to his birth weight, or a little more. But we aren't worried. He is still a little jaundice. But it is slowly getting better. I am guessing by the middle of the week, it will be completely out of his face and belly. Because it never reached his arms or legs, he isn't in the danger zone. So this is good.

Little man also grew about 1/2 inch as well. So he is getting taller. Still looks like a skinny bean poll. Totally cute.

He will go back again at the end of September for another check-up. Meanwhile, I will be taking Ezme in next Thursday for her 1 year well-baby visit. Poor Dr. F. She is going to be seeing a lot more of us!!!

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