Friday, September 10, 2010

First Day Alone

So today was my first official day alone with all 5 kiddos. How did I do you ask? Well, it wasn't that bad to be honest with you. Jason wasn't suppose to work today, but due to some timely deadlines, he decided to go into work to get some things done.

The kids were for the most part good. I had my moments with Emma-James, but all in it was a peaceful Friday. The "twins" napped while Olivia did some school work and I cleaned house. Emma-James and Owen played outside in the backyard or watched a cartoon or two. By the time daddy came home at 5pm things were slowly starting to pick up in the WHINE department. The kids were getting hungry and tired, so him arriving when he did was perfect timing.

This weekend we are planning on getting the house cleaned up and hopefully work on getting the front and backyard cleaned up as well. Jason is going back to work full time next week, with some time at home here and their to help with the older kiddos while I take Ezme to her well-baby visit or Emma-James to her school testing.

I am not going to lie. I will DEFINITELY miss him tons. Having him home the last 2 weeks have been such a blessing. Not only was it nice to have some extra hands. It was just nice to finally see Jason not so stressed and busy. I think he needed the time away from work just as much as I needed him home. But now, its back to the grind. Emma-James has started school, the kids are busy with Soccer games and practices. And Olivia will be busy studying for the NECAP testing taking place next month. I will say this, having one extra kiddo around seems to fit into our family nicely. Its as if he has been here all along.

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