Friday, September 24, 2010


Don't get me wrong, I have met Olivia's teacher and for the most part I feel she is very nice. Though I wonder if her long stint of a teacher has a little annoyed with the kids, parents and all that entails about being a teacher of 2nd graders.

The lines of Communication so far in the last 2 days have been rather non-existent. No letters, emails or phone calls. I don't know if Olivia has homework from day to day. She spoke frequently about a "buddy thing" but never explained it. Apparently Olivia is suppose to read and log her books read in a log book every day, but I have yet to see that come home as well. Olivia tells me "the teacher never tells me to bring anything home." Now I get that Olivia has responsibilities of making sure she has all the things she needs. But geez, is this teacher making sure she gives her all the information and not making her feel lost? I will be so upset if this is the case. Olivia is pretty good at fitting in rather quickly, but a month into school I expect to see some stuff.

I am just feeling lost for her. And of course I don't want her grades or anything to suffer because the teacher hasn't clued Olivia (or heck, Jason and I) in on everything.

I am hoping that things will get better for next week. Olivia of course is loving school. I keep wishing every afternoon that she will want to come home, but I think that dream is just about ready to go to rest. Blah. I have been asked if I will send her to school next year and the answer is right now, more then likely NO. She is a smart kid, and her being at school isn't going to help her in the long run. Let's face it. She is going for the freedom and the social aspect that school brings her. Anything she learns that she hasn't done so already is just extra.

As you can clearly see, I am having a hard time with this, and it sucks. I am and will be the involved parent in my kids life. And having her at school just doesn't make me feel that way.

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