Wednesday, September 8, 2010


That's right. My Ezme is 1 today. I am sad. Happy, but sad at the same time. My baby girl is now a year old. I have yet to figure out how this happened. It seems like just yesterday she was born and made our family of five a family of 6. An even number. Never in the world did we expect we would be blessed with a new little bundle so soon after Ezme's arrival. I think this, compounded with the fact that our lives are *VERY BUSY, ALL THE TIME* made this pregnancy and her first year just fly by. I tried very hard to make the days longer, and the months last forever. But I just wasn't able to stop time. Darn thing.

Ezme is truly the sweetest little girl. She is always in a happy, smiling mood. Even on some of her worse days, she still tries to put a smile on her face. Even her goofy faces you can't help but laugh at. With striking blond hair and her blue eyes, she is definitely one of a kind. Not really looking like her brothers or sisters, she has her own unique look about her. She is very strong willed and truly has a mind of her own. I am amazed at how well she molded into our family, as if she has been with us forever and not just a year.

Her vocabulary is growing everyday. Her new words are "baby, no, yes, fish," and still uses Mama and Dadda. Sometimes she will throw in kitty. I am thinking we are going to have an early talker on our hands. Great for her. Bad for us :-) She is still trying hard to walk on her own, but her stubborn personality isn't allowing this to happen. She tries, and when she realizes what she is doing, will quit immediately and return to crawling. Its only a matter of time, but I am hoping it is soon. She is HEAVY!!!!! She also has managed to master crawling up the stairs, which really makes life a little easier for mommy when trying to get both her and Oliver up to bed. Right now it's one less stress in my night time routine.

She is going to bed fantastically. Usually she is in bed with her sister Emma-James and Owen by 6pm. However, she is still on some nights waking up for a sippy in the middle of the night. We have tried to curb this on most nights with just water, and it seems to work. I think she ends up having a bad dream, and just cannot fall back asleep.

We are hoping to have a big 1st Birthday/Baptism for her and Oliver sometime around Owen's 3rd Birthday. We wanted to have it during labor day weekend, but our lives have just been so busy that we didn't have much time to prepare the backyard before the big event.

I am sure you are all waiting for wonderful pictures of the Birthday Girl. So please enjoy. If you can, send the little one Birthday Wishes too. I am sure she would love to know how special she is when she gets old enough to read this.

Ezme 2 hours old

Ezme home from the hospital 2 days old

Ezme 2 weeks old

Ezme 1 month old

Ezme 3 months old. Look at the amount of hair she had. And how dark it was

Ezme 6 months old

Ezme 10 months old

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  1. Ezme, I loved your crazy beautiful rock star hair you had when you were younger. Happy first baby girl!