Thursday, December 31, 2009

Owen and Santa Claus

Last night, as Jason and I were getting ready for bed. We did our usual night time routine in checking all of the kids. As we were leaving Owen's room he slightly woke up and asked me "Mommy, when Santa coming" This has been an on going question of Owen's since Christmas. The poor little guy expected to see this jolly man, at our tree, giving out gifts. We have told him he has already come. But I guess its hard for a two year old to understand the concept of someone "delivering" presents. I think its the cutest thing really. I just tell him he will come again when he is three and that seems to make his mind happy :-)

His other questions he asks lately too is "When is papa coming." Or are we in Maine? His vocabulary is really picking up. Though not everyone can understand him, its pretty easy for Jason and I to get almost 90% of his sentences. Gosh, he is getting so big. Makes me want to cry.

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