Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve and Church

We arrived at my parents home safe and sound. Though we didn't have long to visit before we were out the door again. We managed to get a few bites of food, the kiddos dressed in their matching PJ's and out the door in time just to make the last half hour of the church gathering before Christmas Eve service began. I have to say just how much I love and miss my old church at home. I always felt so loved and wanted their. I loved being a part of something and how close I felt to God when I was their. After Father Lance died over three years ago, it really never has been the same without him. I still go though. Many of my "church family" is still attending and its really great to see them. I have yet to find the same warm and welcoming feeling in a church near our home in RI, but I am sure someday.

The kids had a wonderful time with the new Father. He did a great little exercise with all the kids that were attending church that evening. He had them all go up to put together the tiny manger. Adding Mary and Joseph, the goats and cows, and of course the Angel. The first thing he asked all of the kids were "What is one of the animals that was their when Jesus was born?" And my wonderful loving three year old Emma-James, very matter of fact and loudly stated DRAGONS. To which he said "No no, no dragons I am afraid." Of course the whole church started laughing. She then proceeded to say "OK then, Dinosaurs!!" To which again he said no no. She then gave up and said to me, "Mommy, then their wasn't any important animals their that day." God I love her!!

Though Church was a little longer then I hoped. And my kids could have been a bit better behaved then they were. I was mostly impressed. They were in a car for 7 hours and barely had time to loose that energy before being we took them to church to sit for 2 hours quietly. But honestly, I am glad we went as a family.

Merry Christmas Eve everyone. I hope you have a wonderful one with family, friends and those who mean the most to you!!

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