Sunday, December 20, 2009

The snow must fall

Here marks the pictures of the end of the 14 hour blizzard we received from Saturday straight through to Sunday evening. We managed to score about 17-20 inches of snow in a small period of time. It started right on time at 10pm on Saturday and lasted until about 4pm Sunday evening. Sadly, I don't think this wonderful white stuff will be melting. The kiddos tried to enjoy the fluffy stuff. But ended up going from my front door, to my back door in 30 seconds and begged to come inside. Definitely not winter children. Despite the fact they they were all born in the winter. Here are some pictures that I managed to capture after things settled down.

The cars covered

The car dealership across the street.

More snow in the streets. Notice the snow in between the window and the screen

The backyard and some of the porch

This is how Ezme enjoyed the snow

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