Saturday, December 12, 2009

Our DREAM HOME need prayers

About a week ago, I was searching through the REMAX website just to look around at homes in our area. I wanted to know what the current rate of homes were going for as we are gearing up to start looking for a BIGGER home. We love our home now, but the size is becoming a bit of a issue. We have managed to make our 2 bedroom 1 bath home work for us. But now, with homeschooling, gearing up to start baby-sitting, and lets not forget Girl Scouts here once a week, my home is less then desirable. We are starting to slowly to feel the crunch. I feel bad that I am constantly telling my kids to pick up. They really don't have a designed area to play, and its not far to them. Plus we are doing all of our school stuff on the dining room table, and my "classroom" is a tiny little corner at the far end of our dining room. We did a lot of remodeling last year on our home. Completely gutting out the bathroom and kitchen. As well as new ceilings, new roof, new windows, brand new hot water tank and new rugs upstairs. Its a great little home for a small family, or even a retired couple. But for a family of six, with two cats and a dog. Its starting to feel cramped.

So, onto my adventures in house hunting. Well, I found the perfect home. Fell right in love. Jason of course was less then thrilled that I was home hunting. But because he loves me so much, he amused me with a LOOK-SEE of the home. Well, to make a long story short. We are in love. The kids are in love. We wouldn't have to compromise on space or anything for ANYONE. Plenty of bathrooms, plenty of bedrooms. Office for Jason. School room for me. Place to have company, the whole nine yards. Yes, it will need work. Yes, its a little pricey but we believe we can talk them down. The biggest problem is our financial situation is well, not terrific, but not so bad that we are bound by the home we are living in now. We have figured out some creative ways to get this house and make the payments as well as the tax on the home work for us. Me getting a job, Jay asking for a raise, renting out a room to a local college student, etc. etc.

We are praying so hard that this works. And I am asking you if you read this, could you please say a little prayer that things will fall into place for us when it comes to this property. We are trying to be optimistic and truly believe that we found this house because we were suppose too. It would be such a great opportunity for all of us. So if you have a moment just think about us. We will be talking to some loan people next week. See what we can do. Plus the sale of our home will be the biggest obstacle.

I promise to keep everyone posted as how things are going. There will be a lot involved, and we are ready to at least try. Both Jason and I feel if we didn't at least try to buy this home, then we will both feel like we didn't listen to our hearts, and most importantly, listen to the kick that God is giving us. Until then.

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