Thursday, December 17, 2009

No News

So, I haven't heard anything more about the house. It looks like its pretty much a dream at this point. I know that there is a huge company looking to purchase the home and they might be signing the agreement tonight. On top of a bunch of other things going on, I am feeling super blah right now. I find that I am super hard on myself with situations that are beyond my control. Or even in my control where I feel I have somehow said the wrong thing, or have done the wrong thing. I try hard to be honest, and sometimes my honesty is a little too much. So today, I am feeling really blah. Blah about a lot of things. I am trying to have a "positive" outlook, but its hard. So if you could, would you think of me today. I sure could use some peace in my heart and know that I am still a good person, despite all that is going on.

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