Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Floor time

I happened to look on one afternoon and found this terrific floor mat for Ezme. It is awesome! Really colorful, the toys are so cute, and it even moves. Thats right, the whole thing moves back and forth to music. Its really cute to watch. At first, she was a little angry to have been put on the floor, but after a few minutes, she realized that she loved it. The music especially. She has two favorite toys at the moment, Mr. Monkey whom she will talk to for a good hour. And of course, every baby's favorite thing, the mirror. She loves to giggle and smile in the mirror and see the other baby smiling back at her. Its cute to watch. I was able to capture a few photos of her while she was happily playing.

Ezme enjoying her floor mat

Half smile

Watching the mobile move

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