Saturday, December 12, 2009

The Sickees times 4

That's right folks, all the kiddos are sick *sad face* After 2 nights of Emma coughing so badly, and keeping not only herself up at night, but me is well, I decided it warranted a trip to go see Dr. Flynn. I made the appointment Friday morning, and we were all set to go in at 4pm. The morning was pretty busy for us, as Jason had a few errands to run, and I was taking Olivia to home-school function near our house. We went to go see a Ballet with another friend of hers who is also home-schooled. She had a pretty good time, though for 2 1/2 hours, I can understand why she kept telling me she was bored. The ballet is always a beautiful thing, but when little ones don't have the chance to move, stretch or talk, it can be a little tough. Olivia too was also complaining about her ear hurting (something she NEVER does) so I told her that I would take her along with me to go see Dr. Flynn as well.

We returned from the ballet around noon, had some lunch and managed to get every one down for a nice long nap. The kiddos were tired, lack of sleep during the night will do that to you. We woke up just in time to put our shoes on, and rush out the door to make our appointment.

Poor Dr. Flynn though was swamped with people. There must have been 15 people in the office. Everyone is sick and doing the last minute run so they wouldn't have to worry about emergency room craziness over the weekend.

When we were finally seen (poor Dr. Flynn wasn't able to get to us until 7pm) she checked her lungs, said they looked and sounded pretty good, but she definitely had an ear infection in her left year. Was I surprised. I mentioned to her that all the other kids had been sick and she said to bring them in. Thankfully Jason was on his way already for something else, so in the others came. She was so sweet to look at all the others for me. The running total for sick little kiddos was this:

Olivia - Ear infection left ear

Emma-James- Ear infection left ear and chest congestion

Owen- Double ear infection little bit of chest congestion

Ezme - Head cold

Everyone expect for Ezme is on an antibiotic. With Emma-James being on a cough suppressant as well. When we got home, we managed to get everyone supper and in bed by 8:30. And to my amazement, everyone slept fantastic last night. No one was up coughing, crying or sad. They slept like rocks until 9am. I think another good nap and a good night sleep and they will be completely back to themselves by tomorrow. Its always so hard to figure out when it comes to my kiddos being sick. They never complain, and never have the normal high fevers or such. So figuring them out is always a mystery. But it still makes my mommy heart hurt.

Today we are planning on sitting in the house and avoiding the cold weather. Its a good day to get our house in order and clean, clean, clean. Not to mention wash bedding and disinfect the house. Next week is a pretty busy and crazy week for us, so this weekend is the perfect one to get a bunch of things done. Ahhh, no rest for the busy that's for sure.

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