Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Tis the season for BAKING!

Last year I decided that it would be fun for my GIRL SCOUT troop to bake some yummy pumpkin loafs as a little Christmas gift. I put a little spin on it by making them in some really cute loaf pans that I happen to find at the Christmas Tree Shop for a dollar each. So I managed to scoop up 2 for each girl. We decided it would be really nice to give one away to someone, and keep the other. We had so much fun doing it, that this year we continued with our Christmas tradition. With 12 girls in the kitchen, I am blessed right now to have a double oven. It sure does come in handy to get things cooked at the same time. Especially when you have that many pans going in at once. The girls really did a great job listening, mixing, pouring, and stirring. Everyone got a little something to do, but I let the leaders take care of the actual filling of the pans, just to keep the mess down to a low. This is the final outcome of of the girls hard work. WAY TO GO!

Pumpkin bread. Neatly wrapped and packaged and ready to go!

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