Sunday, December 20, 2009

Baking our Christmas Presents

The kiddos and I have been hard at work today baking up a storm. Can I just say again how much I LOVE my double ovens!!!!! Seriously, it cuts down my cook time by more then half. I am actually able to get things in and out and not have to fuss around with different baking times. Its fantastic.

Anywho. Since we have moved into the house over 4 years ago. We decided that it would be fun to bake yummy goodies for those special people in our lives. It first started out for our "trash buddy" friends. These guys work so hard all year long picking up other peoples "leftovers" that they deserve to have something special. We also included our mailman in that "through sleet, or rain, or snow". Sadly, he left us about over the summer. But we were blessed with a nice mailman, who just got married in fact!

So besides are good buddies, we also bake for our wonderful neighbors. They are all so terrific with our kids. They are the only ones in the neighborhood, so they put up with WAY MORE then they have too. I try hard to keep the kids from bothering them, but its hard when they love talking to them so much. So, today we are baking for the people we love. Pumpkin bread, Choc. chip cookies, smores, even moose balls! I will probably be baking until tomorrow afternoon, with the hopes to deliver sometime tomorrow or Tuesday before we head out. Pictures to come of all our goodies. I am really excited!!

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