Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Christmas Pictures 2009

Ahhhhh. The yearly Christmas Photo. The one, where you spend an entire month picking out outfits, deciding on hair do's, making sure everyone matches, and looks fantastic. The one day out of the whole year everyone in your family will be in a picture together, smiling, looking happy. Well, in previous years, its been a true NIGHTMARE. Last year alone it took two days, 3 hours each just to get a decent family photo and a group shot of the three kids. I was sick inside just knowing how bad it was going to be this year around with the extra little one. So I took this as a sign to figure another way of getting a good family Christmas photo without the tantrums, whines, and screams. This year I decided to call and give the gentlemen who does our kiddos Pre-School pictures a call. He does a fantastic job, has managed to get not one, but both of my girls to smile. They have come out awesome and I have never once complained. I figured, if he can work magic on them, I wonder what he can do with 6 of us!!

So today was the day. I got up at 8am. Thanks to my husband everyone was fed and ready for my instructions. I managed to get all the kids dressed, hair done, baby fed, and myself showered and dressed by 9am. We were out the door by 9:10 and surprisingly were only 5 minutes late due to road construction. So far so good. Everyone was happy, kids were smiling, no fuss from anyone. WOOT! We got there, and finally got to meet the Man of Emma's dreams. She talks about this guy all the time. Mr Genes this and Mr. Genes that. Well, Mr. Gene indeed was a nice guy and I can see why she loves him. It took 40 minutes, yes I said that right, 40 minutes to have a family photo done, individual shots of the kids, and a group shot of all the kiddos together. I was amazed. Owen was completely in love with him. The girls did everything he asked. We were in and out in an hour. SHOCKED I TELL YOU!! We will go back this afternoon to pick out our photos. I am hoping for another great outcome. I need headshots of all 4 kids, family photo, and a kids photo. I plan on keeping things simple this year. Card photos to family and friends, and just a large photo for us of the kids and the family. Money is tight, so sadly I can't do large orders like I use too. However, if you want something bigger, let me know. I will be happy to order it for you if you want to pay for it.

I will update everyone how how this afternoon goes. Wish me luck that there are plenty of nice ones to choose from! I will not be posting photos until after I have mailed out the cards!!

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