Monday, November 30, 2009

Friends for life

Sara was one of my best friend growing up. She also happened to live directly across the street from me. Even though she was two years older, it never stopped us from playing barbies, talking about boys, or what our life would be like when we grew up and got married and started having kids of our own. Of course, it didn't help that she got married when I was 18 and she was 20. And it also didn't help that I moved 300+ miles away. I never thought in a million years (nor did she) that we would someday not only have one, but two little kiddos together. I will never forget that day in June when I called her up out of the blue from my summer dorm room to tell her I was pregnant. It was so funny, both of us had to tell each other the same news. So of course, we did what every person would have done in that situation. We counted to 3 and blurred it out at the same time. We laugh still about that day. Well here are some pictures I happened to find. And how much they have changed in almost 7 years. Time really has flown. So much has changed. I wonder what the next 7 will hold for us. Only time will tell.

Joshua 3 weeks Olivia 5 weeks March 2003

Joshua 9 1/2 months Olivia 10 Nov. 2003

Joshua 15 months Olivia 15 months May 2004

Joshua 19 months Olivia 19 months September 2004

The Expanded Gang Joshua 6 Olivia 6 Emma-James 3 and Austin 3 April 2009

Sadly, I have lost a lot of pictures from the kiddos between 2004 up to now. I am lucky to have her and her family still in my life. She is one terrific person and its hard to believe that we have known each other as long as we have. And now are kids will grow up to be friends. Even if it is long distance!

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