Thursday, November 26, 2009


Thanksgiving this year was at my sisters house. My mom was busy cooking Wednesday night and Thursday day to help prep some food for my sister. She baked a few pies and made mashed potatoes as well as my favorite, sweet and sour meatballs YUMMY! My sister did a great job making the Turkey as well as a few pies herself. The table was set beautifully and everything was terrific. I was hoping to get some pictures of the table and food, but everyone was too hungry and dove right in. We basically starved ourselves and the kiddos so we could make room for Thanksgiving supper. HeHe. I tried to take some pictures of the family and the kids, but you know how it goes. Starving people, and hungry munchkins, make for bad pictures. But here they are for your viewing pleasure!

From left to right: My Nana holding Ezme, Grampy, my Mom holding Emma-James, my Dad holding Tyson and Owen and Olivia in the middle

Emma-James, Olivia, Ezme, Tyson and Owen

It was really a fun evening. My Nana even suggested we do a YANKEE SWAP this year. Each of us gets a gift of $5 dollars or under. It was a lot of fun, and I was surprised that only two people did any amount of swapping. I traded my item for a Moose bell that I am going to hang out in the backyard to call the kids in during the summer! And my dad took my hubby's present of scratch tickets. LOL. The tickets in which we purchased. Everyone was stuffed and happy. And the kids were so tired that when we got home everyone fell fast asleep. YAH! HAPPY THANKSGIVING EVERYONE. I hope everyone was able to enjoy good food, great company and tons of wonderful memories.

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