Sunday, November 22, 2009

Spring Cleaning in NOVEMBER??

Yup, today I decided what better day to so-called SPRING CLEAN my house then today. We are heading out of town on Wednesday for Thanksgiving in Maine. And I wanted the house to be clean when I come home. It will be just about 3 weeks from the time we come back until we leave again to Maine for Christmas. Lets not mention the fact that I will be having Girl Scouts, Swim lessons and Christmas parties going on for the entire 3 1/2 weeks we will be home in December. So today is the day. I just hope I can actually finish it by tomorrow night!

So for fun I thought I would keep a tally of all the things I have done so far. Check back often to see what I have accomplished. Encouragement is always welcomed!


*I have actually finished

Downstairs Part of House

*Moved furniture in living room. swept and vacuumed.
*Washed Mirrors and windows
*Washed Floor
*Organized School cabinet
*Vacuumed floor
*Moved furniture
*Wash walls
*Wash windows
*Washed Floor
*Organized cabinets
Wash floor (this is last since our kitchen connects all the rooms up and down)
*Cleaned off counter-tops
*Washed toilet, tub, shower, sink
*Washed floor
*Washed and organized cabinets

Keep coming back to see what I have finished. This is just the downstairs part of the house. I still have 3 bedrooms and 2 closets to do upstairs.


Done for the day. Night all.

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