Monday, November 23, 2009

Spring Cleaning Day 2

The Upstairs Portion of my house!

3 Bedrooms and 2 closets

Wash, fold,and organize all the laundry
Wash all bed sheets 6 beds
Wash windows
Clean out toys (time to donate!!)
Vacuum all 3 rooms

The upstairs should be easier as its not too too bad. Its just more time consuming. Hopefully it wont be too hard as Jason will be at work all day and we have to be at swim lessons at 5:30pm (leaving here at 5pm) So I plan on accomplishing everything on my list not only with all 4 kiddos, but with all 4 kiddos upstairs the entire day with no access to the downstairs as its already clean!
Hopefully this wont be so bad. I will just designate one room to their play and clean the rest and save the worst for last. We shall see. I'll keep everyone posted again on my accomplishments. Again, encouragement is always welcomed!

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