Monday, November 30, 2009

Jason and I when we first met

Gosh, I was looking through all of our old pictures and I came across this one of Jason and myself. Look how young we are. Better yet, look at all the hair Jason has!! We met by chance thanks to a mutual friend of ours (thank you Tanya) one evening in October. Ahhh, memories. Someday I will have to write how Jason and I met, fell in love, and had 5 children and a beautiful house. Gosh, time flies so fast.

Jason and Kiley Fall 1999


  1. Wow, I do love that picture of the two of you and yes you both look very young.

  2. I feel so old now. It seems like yesterday that picture was taken. I was 19. and Boom, I will be 30 in one month. Where did the time go! Who knew where our life would lead us 10 years from that picture.