Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Well-Baby Visits for Owen and Ezme

I took the kiddos to see our Pediatrician today for their well-baby visits. Owen was suppose to have his last month, but due to the rising numbers of kiddos going in with the flu, our Pediatrician called and said it would be best to hold off. LOVE HER!! They did a great job, we were there for 3 hours because of the high number of sick kiddos, but I didn't mind. I enjoyed the time that I got to talk with the staff and just hang out quietly. So nice.

Here are their stats:

Owen at 2 years old.

Height 38 1/2 inches

Weight 28 lbs and 4 onces

He received just the regular non-chemical flu vaccine up the nose and we decided to hold off on other shots until next year. No rush. Since they don't go to public school I don't have to worry to have them done by Kindergarten. Owen is doing fantastic! evelop over the next couple of months. Here is a list of things my little man can do now at 2! She is amazed at his skills already. Here is some of the things my little man has mastered already.

* Can speak in 3 or 4 word sentences. Ex. "Mommy...I love you." or "Mommy, where is me pacie?"

* Can jump on both feet (3 years old)
* Can kick a ball
* Can climb on EVERYTHING with ease and keep up with big kids on the playground
* Loves to read and flip through books appropriately
* Has been sleeping in a BIG BOY BED (twin size) since he was 22 months.
* Feeds himself with appropriate utensils at every meal
* Will answer questions you ask him with correct answer. Ex. "Owen, do you want more cereal?" (Yes please)
* Uses please and thank you on his own
* Loves his big sisters and dots on his baby sister
* Is funny and loves to smile
* His favorite things in his life are his Nemo blanket (just a white fuzzy blanket) his duck and his penquin. Must sleep with them every night.
* Is complete boy. Loves his trucks, dirt and mud.
* Favorite show is "Peep in the big big world"
* Is a daddy's boy but loves his mommy too
* Can name everyone in our family and extended family
* Can name of all of his body parts, point to body parts on himself and others
* Can say animal names such as Moo for Cow, Oink for Pig, Meow for Cat etc.
* Can put pants and socks on himself
* Attempting the potty

It wasn't me in the sugar mommy!

Ezme also had an appointment today with our wonderful Pediatrician. She did great as well, and enjoyed the quiet at the office. She good a great nap, until we woke her for a quick weight and height check. And with this, we had to make her naked. Not so happy. Her stats today were:

Weight 11lbs. 2oz.

Height 22 1/2 inches.

She also needed a shot today (we are holding off on others for awhile) and had a liquid form of medicine as well. All in all the kids are doing great. We will not be recieving the H1N1. Since the kids aren't in public schools and we are keeping the kids safe when we go out in public, we decided against it. I had a long discussion with my doctor and I just don't feel comfortable enough or have enough reason to give it to my kiddos who are otherwise healthy. I rather save it for those who truly need it the most. I will share however Ezme's accomplishments at 2 months old:

* Can hold her head up when on her belly
* Is starting to smile and giggle
* Is able to grasp objects if put in her hands
* Is sleeping through the night from 8pm - 8am or later
* Loves the sound of daddy's voice
* Loves to listen to the T.V.

At the moment Ezme is only tracking objects that are a far distance from her face
(6 inches or more) so she will be visiting a pediatric ophthalmologist Tuesday the 24th just to be sure its not something more serious. At first we thought she might be completely blind, but we have noticed that she will try hard to focus with lots of light in the room. So we will see. I promise to keep everyone posted. Until then, enjoy a picture of the little princess.

Ezme 2 months old

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