Thursday, November 26, 2009

The Morning Grumps

We managed to get all of the kids asleep with Olivia pulling up the last of everyone at midnight. Unfortunately, it wasn't a good night for anyone. Emma-James woke up a few times thinking that her daddy left her and went back to RI. She wants to go home so badly. I am hoping the fun activities of the day will change her mind. I was also up with Ezme all night as well. She too just couldn't get comfortable without the regular comforts from home. She managed to sleep, but fussed about every hour looking for a binky. Then comes Owen. Who I believe slept okie. The only bugger is all 4 kids felt that they needed to be up at 6am!! And if you know my kids, if they get by 8:30, then we are doing pretty good. I made the hubby get up and tend to the kids and Chloe while I attempted to sleep in with Ezme. No such luck, everyone was cranky, overtired, hungry and miserable. I was up by 9am. Fed the monkey got the older girls dressed, and changed Owen and Ezme. Now I have everyone down for a good nap, including the hubby! Hopefully we will be more happy and chipper come 4pm when we head over to my sisters for Dinner. I hope everyone is having a nice Thanksgiving morning so far. I'll post more later on.

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  1. your nephew has gotten much bigger since I last saw a picture of him. How old is he now?