Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Millinocket, safe and sound

Well, we made it here with pretty good timing I might add. We ended up going to bed at 11pm. I had finished all the laundry, packed, did some last minute cleaning and decided to just do the rest in the morning. The kids slept until 7:45am and by 8am we were showered, dressed, and ready for breakfast. Hubby extraordinaire ran out to grab milk and fill up the van with gas or "food" as the kiddos call it. We were planning on taking the kids out for breakfast along the way, but the refused. They said cold cereal was faster and didn't want to waste all there time eating. LOL. The car was packed, kitty's taken care of, doggy put in the van and we were out of the house by 9:20am!!!! Yup, you read correctly. We stopped off a few times along the way. We had to grab the camera from one of Jason's clients and the we got as far as Danvers and of course we had to have a potty break and since it was at a D & D's we needed a midday snack as well! The rest of the way was great. We managed to make it to the first rest area which is about 2 1/2 hours from our home in RI. Kiddos got to stretch and run around, took the doggy for a little walk and then went inside for food all around. Fed all 6 of us and then changed 2 bums, potty break for the daddy and myself and then a treat for us. STARBUCKS!! We were on the road again exactly at 2. From that stop until we reached my home in Millinocket is about 3 1/2 hours so I popped in a movie and prepared for the long hall. Took a little nap as well as everyone else. Except for daddy, he was driving. We pulled into the rents house at 5:20pm. The drive was great, the kids were excellent and now we are all pretty tired. Ezme has been sleeping since 8:45. Olivia is still up helping Nana cook and Emma and Owen are begging to go back home. So they are being a tad tough tonight. Overtired and not being in their own beds is stressing them out a bit. Hopefully for a better morning. Until then. Happy Thanksgiving Eve everyone!!
Night all.

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