Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Anabelle's 5th Birthday!

Wow, I am still in shock that 5 years ago today Anabelle was born. So much has happened in 5 years. We got Chloe our dog, we bought a new home, we found Moose our kitty. Emma-James, Owen and Ezme were born. We remodeled the inside of our home. Made a beautiful waterfall in the backyard to bring the butterflies in memory of her. Purchased a new van. Traveling to Disneyworld. Jason and I got married!! Celebrated 5 birthday's without her. I truly could go on and on. It makes me sad sometimes knowing how much she has missed out being here with us. But I try to remember how happy she must be in Heaven with her Grandma and little brother or sister. We miss her terribly, but I know that someday I will get to hold her and love her again.

For her birthday this year I wanted to do something special to remember her 5th birthday. You know, 5 is special because you are now a WHOLE HAND. This year I donated books in Anabelle's name to our Pediatrician's office. "A is for Annabelle" by Tasha Tudor. I told the girls (aka the nurses) to hand out them out to children who would be visiting Dr. Flynn in her office today. Here is the snippet that we put in each book.

Pregnant with Anabelle Taken October 2004

Anabelle trying to sleep

Anabelle December 10th 2004

Christmas Family Photo 2004

It truly was a wonderful day. My heart still aches for her to be with us here. I never was truly sad about the diagnosis, the outcome or her passing. The fight for her is what kept me strong, and the time with her is what kept me alive. I cherish all the memories that we were able to make with her.

I LOVE YOU MY SWEET ANGEL ANABELLE! XOXO from your daddy, Olivia, Emma-James, Owen and Ezme too.

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