Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Oliver 4 Months Old

Oliver is doing fantastic. Despite some major "constipation" issues. We have used every trick in the book, thinking we finally found something that has worked only for it to fail the very next day. He is pretty miserable too, with some very hard, brittle, dry BM's he cries and cries until finally we have managed to get things out. Juice hasn't really worked, changing the water hasn't helped either, formula was changed a month ago due to sensitivity issues, and solid foods, though he LOVES and needs now because he is such a big boy and a big eater only makes things worse.

He is straining so much there is blood all the time. He is swollen, red and sore. I think he is having some "mobility" issues and that its something far more then just "constipation". I have discussed this with our pediatrician and nothing really has helped him out. He goes next month for his 4 month well baby visit and hopefully we can find some solutions for him. He is a miserable little guy, and my mommy heart hurts to see him in so much pain.

The good news is that he is finally back to sleeping through the night. THANK HEAVENS. We have managed to get him on a good feeding schedule that he can have a good BM just before he goes down for the night. This really has helped him settle down and now he is usually in bed between 7:30 and 8pm and down for the night until 8am (sometimes even 9am) the next morning.

Oliver is probably close to 15 pounds now. He is a HEAVY boy. He grown nearly out of all of his 3-6 month stuff and not even many of his 6-9 month stuff fits him. We even went to see one of my friend's baby yesterday who is just a month (to the day) older then he is and she compared to him is a peanut. 100% a Rodrigues boy!

Oliver now at 4 months old has accomplished:

*Sucking on his fingers
*Eating solid foods like a champ and loves it
*Holds his own bottle
*Loves to bat, play or handle any toys
*Loves music, especially his baby "scout" puppy that sings
*Loves his mobile
*Sleeps from 7:30pm - 8am or 9am
*Laughs out loud (exactly like Ezme)

I am realizing that only 4 more months before he is big enough to make his way to the "big boy room" with his brother. Ugh. It goes by so quickly. Who knows, maybe then we will have a bigger house! :-)

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