Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Christmas is almost here

Christmas is almost here. Four more days to be exact. It's our first Christmas here in RI in gosh I can't even remember how long. I had high hopes to decorate the house, make it look festive to the point of overload. However, that wasn't meant to be. Our decorations this year consist of the tree up, and the lights on (its a pre-lite tree, hehe.) A beautiful wreath that my mom send to me over our fireplace, 5 stockings hanging from the fireplace...one for each kiddo and part of my nativity scene. That's it. Hubby cannot find the rest of the decorations we have, and trust me, there are tons. Oh well. I could dwell on the fact that our house looks a little "shabby" but honestly, its for the best.

With birthday's galore in January, I really don't want to have to stress about taking all the Christmas decorations down in time for Birthday party after Birthday party. This year seems to be the "IT" year too. It will be our 6th Anniversary, I am turning 31, Daddy is turning 30, Emma-James is turning the big *5* and Olivia *8*. So all in all, I think keeping everything simple this year is for the best.

It's hard to believe Christmas is almost here. Never in my wildest dreams did I think we would have another little one this year for Christmas. Two years in a row I found out I was pregnant on Christmas Day. This year its just nice to enjoy the blessings God has given me. I am a very lucky person to have such a wonderful husband and the cutest kiddos around.

The Fireplace decorated. Thanks mom for the beautiful handmade wreath. LOVE IT!

Our very undecorated Christmas Tree

My nativity scene. I only have Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus. Someday I will get the entire set

A quick snap of the kiddos.


  1. I think Mary, Joseph and Jesus are the key main characters, so you're good. The wise men were kind of late anyway.

  2. Thanks Trisha. Good to know. I have had this set for the last 4 years. Jason said he would buy me a piece every Christmas until it was complete. Ummm, I think he is pretty behind :-)