Monday, December 13, 2010

Girl Scout Thanksgiving (A Tad Late)

Two weeks ago, our Girl Scout Troops had their very first "Pot Luck Thanksgiving". The girls helped make fun decorations for the tables along with little pins for the moms/grandma's/aunts to wear. The girls were able to invite family and friends for food and fun. One of my Co-Leaders (THANK YOU KAREN!!) was able to get her church function room for our event. And it worked out perfectly. Jason and I cooked the turkey's. Our first ever. And I would say we did a rather good job. Though a bit dry due to the fact that we used our convection oven for the very first time and they cooked them SUPER QUICK. Next year we will remember.

The kids had a fantastic time. And I was really glad to have the chance to meet the girls sisters, fathers, aunts and uncles. That is always the highlight.

Here are some great pictures of our special day! ENJOY!

The Tables all set up. The decorations in the middle represent "Corn Husks" they are made from toilet paper rolls, brown tissue paper, fall colored buttons, and raffia" Very simple and really cute

Ezme saying to me: "Mommy, is it time to eat yet?"

Our "Thankful" Turkey made by both Troops

The Girls and their Families





A Group shot of both troops! Great job girls!

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