Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Ezme 15 months old

Ezme is doing fantastic!! It amazes me just how much fun and exciting this age is to a 1 year old. Everything to them is *NEW* *FUN* *EXCITING* She seems to find disaster and mischief wherever she goes. Not to mention that she has the two best helpers in this area. Who else but Emma-James and Owen.

She has had a rough week as she has gotten a few bumps, bruises and many bloody noses, fingers and hands. Fighting a yucky ear infection doesn't add to it either. Such a trooper she is though. Enjoying life everyday without a care in the world.

Her new favorite skills now include walking with shoes on. (Thank Heavens) because this little girl HATES and I mean HATES wearing socks, shoes, clothes for that matter. So when I found a cute little pair of mary janes in the closet, she was very eager to wear them. SUCCESS!! I think she loves the sound they make when she walks on the hardwood floor.

Ezme is becoming quiet the chatter box too. Though most of her words are hard to understand, and a lot of what she says is jibber jabber, she really finds a way to come across her feelings. Mad, upset, angry, frustrated. Its all we can do to keep from laughing at her.

Her latest accomplishments are:

*Can point to her nose, head, eyes, mouth, hands, and ears when asked. Almost has the belly down
*Can tell us what a dog, cat, cow and pig say. She finds the cow the most appealing
*Can successfully use a big cup (no sippy's) fork and spoon when eating at meal time
*Has a vocabulary of at least 50 words or more. So many, I have lost track
*Has recently gotten her ears pierced (14 months) if I forgot to mention
*Cries out for help when needing someone saying "help mommy, help daddy"
*Is using two word sentences "hi mommy"
*Can do simple tasks like picking up toys when asked or find something like a diaper or the wipes when asked

Our next biggest goal probably during Christmas vacation is transitioning Ezme to her toddler bed. Though I would love for her to be in the crib forever, she is starting to find ways to slowly crawl out of it. No success as of yet, but I rather be safe then sorry. Luckily, her crib converts without a problem and its pretty low to the ground. The only biggest hurdle we will have. Is her and Mr. Owen deciding that playing is much more fun then sleeping. This for surely will be a fun example in patience :-)

My baby is growing up, and Oliver is slowly gaining on her. Kindergarten is coming faster and faster these days for them two.

Ezme 14 months old with her new "HELLO KITTY" earrings

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