Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Pregnancy Annoucements Everywhere

To start, let me say....NO....I am not pregnant! Just the latest news from every corner of the globe has got me thinking.

Jason and I started our family "young" I guess you could say. Not necessarily by choice, but the circumstances of our little arrival are still a huge blessing. Without the unexpected blessing of finding we were pregnant with Olivia, I don't know where mine or Jason's life would have led us.

This brings me to all the recent pregnancy announcements. Am I sad? A little. Why you ask? Many tell me, "You have 5 beautiful children (yup, you have that right) be blessed and move on." I guess my own gut feeling tells me we aren't done. You know, the same gut that tells you your in love, or to jump at a job offer. Call it gut, call it a little birdie, call it your conscience. Whatever. I guess I can honestly say all three are LOUDLY speaking to me. I have a few friends now that have decided after one or two kiddos, their family is complete and they are ready to start the next stage of their lives. Me, not quiet there. I try very hard. I keep myself wrapped up in Girl Scouts, school activities, and house responsibilities. I cannot honestly say I am content. Just living. I wont lie, there are days sometimes that are more stressful then others. The house is a mess, everyone is sick (including me and hubby) our cars aren't working for whatever reason, the heat broke in the house, costumes have to be made for a Christmas concert, stress, stress, stress, oh, and did I mention the house is a mess? You know, the everyday life.

Then again, we have terrific, and I do mean TERRIFIC weeks. Were everyone is healthy, the house stays clean, laundry is always folded and put away, nothing is broken, or about to break, kids are happy, Jason isn't stressed, and all is right with the world. Both seniarios I can still clearly see us with another kiddo. Doing what we do best. Make it work. We are a good team. Both helping each other out.

So the question now is, when. If at all. Will we watch as our friends continue to grow their families and we will no longer have that "ANNOUNCEMENT" to make? Who knows. I don't know what the future holds. Maybe we are done. Maybe we are meant to be a family of seven. Growing in other ways. Maybe we are meant to foster or adopt. Who knows. I just know that right now, that chapter is our lives is just not quiet done being written.

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