Sunday, December 26, 2010

Our Christmas in Photos

Christmas this year was fantastic. Really.....I am so glad that we had the opportunity to stay home this year. I was sad at first that my parents and grandparents were going away for the holiday's to Florida, and with my sister in Korea, I just wasn't sure how things would be with us at home for the first time in many many years. But I LOVED IT!!!! We were able to make some great memories with the kids and Santa really made sure the kiddos had a great Christmas. I have to say thank you to my Nana and Grampy too, if it wasn't for them, Christmas would have been a lot different. THANK YOU NANA AND GRAMPY!! Because of you guys, Christmas was EXCELLENT FOR THE KIDDOS! Here are some great pictures of the day's adventures. As you can see, all the things SANTA brought them were huge hits.

Santa was pretty good to the kids this year!! How he managed to get everything down our chimney, set up all the presents in our living room, and be as quiet as he was, I will never know :-) This is a before picture of how nice my house looked before boxes, wrapping paper and new toys were sprawled all over my house.

Ezme on Christmas morning enjoying her "PLAY TREEHOUSE" Can I just say she absolutely loves this!! A great place for her to hide from her big brother and big sisters.

Oliver just chillin while he enjoys his first bottle of the morning.

Ezme in her play tunnel. Thanks again Heather for sending it from Florida for me. SHE LOVES IT SO MUCH!!

Ezme opening up one of her presents

Emma-James opening one of her presents

Owen completely in love with the baby "duck" mommy and daddy bought him. It even has a special bed

Ezme decided that after opening two presents, the day was done. Even though Jason and I had to wake the kids up well after 9am, she was ready for a nap. Opening presents is a lot of work!

Happy Daddy on Christmas morning (he was telling me how I shouldn't have gotten him all the wonderful Christmas presents) He knew he didn't have anything for me to open

Olivia trying to tell me that she didn't want anything from ThinkGeek. Little did she know it was a full Artist Kit. Complete with paper and easel and every drawing/coloring/painting item you could think of

The living room aftermath (it still looks about the same)

The dining room aftermath (this too looks the same)

Ezme in her "Treehouse" trying to get away from the noise

Santa put Emma-James' baby doll stroller and Ezme's shopping cart inside the "Treehouse"

An up-close picture of the baby doll stroller and shopping cart

Oliver in Emma-James' baby doll stroller. She was in HEAVEN!

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