Monday, December 13, 2010

Family Christmas Concert Barnes Elementary School

Olivia decided to go to school this year as many of you know. Much to my dismay. She has a great time their socializing. We are still trying to work out the kinks as far as academically, and might possibly make some choices in regards to schooling next year, but for this year at least we are all in it.

So what is a mom of a child who goes to school do? Well, join the PTO of course! Olivia wasn't exactly thrilled with this idea at first. She left me per say to have some time away from me, and now I have joined her school's PTO. She quickly got over it when I volunteered to be the school's choir teacher/director/all hands on tech kind of person. The PTO wanted to put on a "CHRISTMAS/HOLIDAY" concert for the parents,grandparents, aunts and uncles and of course every neighbor you could think of inviting. The idea behind this was to get a lot of people to come and join the Barnes Christmas Fair (again, my idea). So they had venders their selling items (our troop was one of them) along with about 100 people watching their kiddos dressed up and singing their little hearts out. The idea was to draw a good crowd of people to help support local crafters and such. Though we didn't do as well as we hoped, our ideas for next year hold promising!!

So back to the singing and such. It was really a lot of fun. I got right into it as I always do with anything. Making costumes, picking out songs. Bringing the "teacher" back into my soul. Makes me miss teaching for sure. The kids did a fantastic job. Here are some pictures of the events of last Tuesday.

Kids singing jingle bells

Rudolph the red nose reindeer (mittens made by me)

more frosty the snowman in the background (costume made by me)

The Sarah Dyer Barnes Choir

Elizabeth, Me and Ezme selling our girl scout items. And btw, all of those hats on the Christmas tree are still available. Elizabeth worked really hard on them. So if your looking for a nice gift for someone and want to help a terrific cause (OUR GIRL SCOUT TROOPS) they are all still available. Prices are extremely reasonable. $8 dollars for a hat, $10 for a hat with ear flaps. Pictures to follow of each hat soon!!

Another picture of us. This time of our handmade pumpkin bread and handmade soaps with "GIRL SCOUTS" stamped in them. $5 dollars if anyone is interested!

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