Wednesday, December 15, 2010

30 Things Plus

Here are some things you may/may not know about me. Enjoy! Love to hear from my readers about some things I might not know about you.

1. I am a mommy to 7 kiddos. Two in heaven, and 5 here with us.
2. I am a Girl Scout leader with two troops.
3. I chose at 16 to be baptized at St. Andrew's Episcopal Church in Millinocket, tomorrow will mark 14 years I chose to have Jesus be a part of my life forever.
4. My favorite color is Orange.
5. My favorite number is 22 and respectively 11.
6. I have a brother that passed away before I was born. It's believed from the same genetic disorder that Anabelle had.
7. I believe that all people are created equal. And that everyone has a choice in life. Even those who choose to love someone of the same sex. It's not up to society to tell them its wrong. Just like it wasn't up to society to tell African American's they could not sit in the front of a bus. Think about it.
8. I love church, though I have not attended since college.
9. I am in love with my husband and appreciate him more then anyone will ever know.
10. I love my children with all my heart. Though I am hard on them, I want them to grow up to be respectful, loving adults.
11. I had two children before I was married. Though many people have frowned upon this and made it very clear I am in the wrong. Circumstances of how our wonderful God works made our marriage come at just the right moment.
12. Which leads me to number 12. My husband surprised me with our wedding on my 25th birthday. He planned everything, invited the guests, and got the rings, in less then 16 hours. Nothing huge, no wedding dress or flowers, no tux or bridesmaids, just us two, joining together in love, forever. And this happened just after Anabelle passed away. I still love him everyday for this. Because I know that he truly wanted to marry me.
13. I sucked my finger until I was 24. Giving it up just 3 months before Anabelle arrived. The most stressful part of my life and I gave up one of my worse habits.
14. My dream job is to someday open up my own daycare/nursery school
15. I am a home-school mom. Despite my oldest wanting to attend school this year. We want to make sure our children know they are in control of their lives just as much as we are. She wanted to try it out, so we let her. She knows there is a HUGE possibility that she will not be attending next year. And she is ok with that.
16. I have "IRISH TWINS" Ezme and Oliver
17. I own an ipod and I find it that its the most useful and appreciated item I own right now. It really is my lifesaver sometimes.
18. I miss my Mother-in-Law almost daily. I wish our relationship was a good one before she died. Though I think she realized how much I loved her son in the end, it still makes me sad she isn't here.
19. I miss Anabelle everyday too. Knowing that she is with someone who loves her everyday makes it easier to be without her.
20. I am cold almost 90% of the time. Even in the summer.
21. My current home is only 1200 sq feet with one bathroom, 7 people, 2 cats and a dog. Oh, and add in Girl Scout meetings twice a week in my home. CRAZY!!
22. I hated school growing up.
23. College was probably the BEST Time of my life. I regret not enjoying it more.
24. I wish I could "redo" some things in my life. Relationships with family, friends, extended family/friends. I will always feel I could have done better, tried harder, or said something differently.
25. I constantly worry about what I say, wear, act, think. I worry about what others think of me. I spend TOO MUCH OF MY DAY doing this.
26. I am a people pleaser, sometimes (if not all the time) this bites me in the butt.
27. I was the New Year's baby for my town in 1980. Even got my picture in the paper and tons of free gifts from local merchants.
28. I have very thick, natural curly hair. Though you would never know this from my short hair cuts I get now.
29. My childhood friend growing up is still one of my closet friends now. Just sad we live so far away from each other.
30. I love being a stay at home mom. Would not change it for the world.
31. I had a crush on the same boy for 18 years. It wasn't until I met Jason that I finally gave up on the idea of ever dating said boy. Though he tried. God had other plans for me.
32. I sometimes toy with the idea of hiring someone to clean my house once a week. Sometimes the though of doing it drives me UP A WALL. Though I always do it.
33. I have OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) which I handle pretty well
34. I wore braces for 10 years UGH.

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  1. Nice list Kiley!
    Here are just a few things you (and your readers) may or may not know about me
    1) I still walk in my sleep
    2) I love to bake but do not make good frosting
    3) I am vegan
    4) I LOVE flannel sheets
    5) I had a massive panic attack related to flying in the summer of 2008
    6)I have very sensitive gums/teeth