Saturday, December 11, 2010

My Gift

6 years ago. Time sure flies by. 6 years ago I was blessed to be a mommy to a beautiful and strong little angel. Though our time was cut short, I am forever grateful of the small things that was given to me in her short time here on earth. Here are a few pictures of my little miss. We miss her terribly everyday, but knowing that she is with Jason's mom being loved and cared for until the day we can see her again gives me great comfort.

Olivia meeting Anabelle for the first time

A few hours old. I think she looks a lot like the boys and Ezme

One of my favorite pictures. I just wish it wasn't so grainy. My two girls holding hands while we decorate the Christmas tree. My only regret is not hiring someone to take more professional pictures while she was with us at home.

Our Family picture taken at Sears. The night before she passed away. Still grateful for the wonderful lady who kept Sears Portraits open until 11pm that night just so we could capture some wonderful photos.


  1. Her time was cut short, but sometimes that is God's plan. What a blessing she was while she was here.

  2. I was thinking about how you said you wished you had more professional photos of Annabelle. I imagine your life was filled with keeping her free of germs, and just surviving the newborn period. You DO have pictures, is the point. You loved and welcomed and wanted her. She lived, and you have some beautiful pictures. We all wish we had more ... that will always be that way. Hey, I wish I had a digital camera when we started our family! How different our (fictitious) scrapbooks would be. By fictitious, I mean I never have seemed to find time to create them. :)