Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Today's Weigh In

Its been a week since I started back on my "Healthy Living" Diet and weight loss. I have to say, I rocked this week!!! My agenda was to get myself on a good schedule and I think I did pretty good. I didn't' get a chance to walk everyday, but I made sure if I wasn't able to walk, that I was doing some sort of physical activity that would get me moving. Raking leaves, working on the backyard cleaning up for the winter. Trust me, I managed to work up a good sweat!!

Stats so Far:

August 23rd-194.8

September 26th-185.8

October 10th-182.4

Goal Weight by October 31st(HALLOWEEN)-175

In one weeks time I lost 3.4 pounds and an inch on my waist. I currently have a size 10 pair of pants that fit me but I ended up shrinking to a size 8. Which wasn't fun because I loved these particular pair of pants. So my goal right now is to fit into them by Halloween.

The biggest changes that I had to make again was "Stress Eating" "Snacking at night" and "MILK" all three of those things were pretty hard.

Currently I am taking my stress out on my sewing. Which keeps my fingers busy and tired by the end of the day. Since I am too tired at night to "snack" I just end up going to bed at a reasonable time. Usually between 9pm and 10pm. My job helps with that too since I have to get up early and walk before the kiddos come in the morning. Last is Milk. I gave up my 2% for Skim milk. Which helps too with how much milk we drink in the house. Which is A LOT. Currently I am drinking 8oz at breakfast and 8oz before bed. Milk is usually my liquid of choice so I am trying harder to drink water the rest of the day.

I am happy so far with how things are going. This month is turning out to be a stressful one, so if you have a moment, keep my encouragement up. Its going to be tough not to hit the chocolate on the hard days.

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