Friday, October 7, 2011


The family is saving up for a pretty BIG adventure that will happen next Christmas!!

*Scroll down to see!*


We are all pretty excited. Emma-James is over the moon to finally meet MICKEY MOUSE. Though she technically already met him when she was 6 weeks old. This time though, she will actually remember him!! Though Jason isn't a big "DISNEY WORLD" kind of guy, he does enjoy seeing the kids have so much fun. The last time we went was when Olivia was 3 years old and Emma-James was just 6 weeks old. So its been a LONG time. Give or take 5 years and three new babies later.

Next year will be a great time to go. The kids will all be a year older. With Ezme a little over 3 and Oliver a little over 2. Owen will just have turned 5 in October and still not yet in school. Plus the girls will be turning 7 and 10 in January and Jason and I will be turning 32 and 33. What more could you ask for! Christmas and Birthdays in Disney World. Ummm, yes please.

Our goal is to pitch in as much as we can each week. I am hoping to contribute $25 dollars of my paycheck a week and I am hoping Jason will match that. The kids plan on doing chores around the house and pitching in some of their allowance money. Jason said he would put a few extra dollars in the jar anytime he had a side job and I said I would do the same for anything I sell at Anabelle's Attic. As of right now, we need to save up for the following:

*Gas to go down
*Gas to come home
*Hotel stay for two nights we are driving down
*Half of the rental price of the house we are renting with my parents
*Gas while we are in Florida
*Food (we plan on renting a house so we can cook more and eat out less)
*Park Hop Tickets for 4 kids (Oliver is free) and 2 adults
*Restaurant and take-out money for when we drive down and come home
*Sitter or Boarding Place for the Dog and Cats

As of today, my budget is $5,000 dollars for the entire time we are down there. The tickets currently for us for Disney World are $2,100 so that right there takes up a HUGE chunk of our budget. I have joined Triple AAA hoping to get some good deals. I will be shopping around for deals on gas cards, hotel stays, and park tickets. Plus I am hoping we can get our neighbor to watch the cats and only have to worry about Chloe while we are gone. Its a pretty big project, but I am up to the challenge. Not to mention I have more then a year to plan and save. I am pretty excited. I know the kids are too!! Next time you come into our house, add a few pennies to our jar. Even a few cents will go a long way *Smiles*


  1. Ooo sounds fun, bet Oliver would love a trip to Disney...a few more years. We are currently saving up for our cousin's wedding. She is getting hitched on a 7 day Caribbean Cruise this January. Sharp contrast to where I spend last January!
    Little by little the savings will add up!

  2. Ohhh, A cruise!! That sounds like fun. We were thinking at first doing the Disney Cruise with the kids. But I get sick so easily on Cruises that it wouldn't be much fun for me. I am hoping we can save the money by Christmas next year. Hoping and praying I can keep my job and maybe add on a few extra odd jobs here and there. Money is tight to begin with that saving up for a trip is a little hard right now. But we are going to try :-)